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ZILLI cultivates exclusivity down to the finest designs details. For over 50 years the French brand has called upon the very best luxury craftsmen to produce its ready-to-wear collections and accessories. Eyewear is no exception. Ever more precious materials for frames that are cut like a rare jewel.

Today brand Zilli represents the impeccable quality and unique style. The French brand of luxury fashion strictly for men appeared in 1970. Zilli became popular thanks to the leather and fur made products, which were distinguished by their solidity, luxury and practicality. Mainly it is the outer men's clothing, custom sewn by talented master Teofilo Zilli in his workshop. Legendary leather jacket still considered to appear the brand logo of Zilli. It still does not lose its relevance.
Chic goods with Zilli ingot on them won more and more fans with time. Since 1996, the brand has expanded its activities and production of costumes, shirts, ties, shoes, accessories begins.

Zilli eyewear – right accents

The company has placed the right accents in its work. Exemplary quality, durability, and elegant appearance of Zilli eyeglasses and Zilli sunglasses - these are the main goals set by the company in the manufacturing of accessories. To achieve the desired result, modern technologies, experienced master-professionals, the best materials and innovative ideas of the brand designers contribute.
Zilli glasses frames are made of expensive materials, such as high-tech titanium alloy, handmade cellulose acetate, and leather. They are ideal for these kinds of products, making them durable, flexible, lightweight and neutral to the elements. An important feature of the Zilli glasses is not only impeccable frames, but also quality lenses. Their manufacturer is the world-famous German company Zeiss. Lenses have a clearly pronounced medical effect, polarizing glasses with protection from glare. Fourteen layer lens is not an easy task to produce – the process is costly and time consuming. It takes 30 days to make one lens.

Discrete luxury of style.

Zilli positions itself as a luxury brand. It creates elite frames and sunglasses using unique materials. Perfection in every detail makes these products truly refined accessories for true aristocrats.
Vintage collections of frames have gained immense popularity. A kaleidoscope of shades charges with positive and inspires. New color solutions, such unusual ones as tortoise-crystal, striped, multi-colored, with gold or titanium coating are offered to the fans of the brand. The frames in the spirit of the sixties and eighties become more massive, with wide horn-shaped hands. Forms range from square to triangular and, of course, there are in the line favorite among all - "aviators".
The designers of the company boldly experiment with the styles of their creations. Special attention deserves an unusual combination of strict classics and modernism. These directions are seen in interesting interpretations, emphasizing the modern image of a bright, unordinary personality. The grace and elegance of the frames support the brand's general branded notes.

About the materials

So what materials Zilli uses to create their eyewear?
Cellulose Acetate is a high quality plastic, made from a polymer of natural cotton fibers and a tree pulp. It may be also produced from nylon or polyester, which are petroleum based plastics. Cellulose acetate has many advantages over regular plastic, such as:
1. It is hypoallergenic
2. Doesn’t harm an environment
3. Made from renewable materials
4. Comes in huge variety of colors
5. Transparent if needed
6. Very flexible
7. Lightweight
8. Retains shape and color longer then the plastic
Pure Titanium:
Titanium is a silver colored lightweight metal, which used a lot in aircrafts and spaceships, military applications. It has low density and high strength, corrosion resistant. That is why Zilli decided to use it in manufacturing of eyewear. They combined the efforts with Grosfilley – manufacturer of eyeglasses, and designed unique exclusive pure titanium hinges which they use in every ZILLI sunglasses or eyeglasses frames.
DIVEL lenses:
Divel is well known manufacturer of lenses, and especially for ZILLI they created lenses with anti-reflective, anti-scratch, oleophobic, and polarized treatments. All this guarantees clear and contrast vision.
Here, on the FrameBay.com we are happy to introduce new 2018 Zilli eyewear collection under the slogan – The Finest Eyewear for Men in the World. This year Zilli designers created a luxury line, composed of 17 models, including 8 models of sunglasses and 9 models of optical frames.
You will find ZILLI sunglasses for sale at very reasonable prices. All glasses come with original packaging, You will receive hard outer box, hard carrying case with Zilli ingot, soft poach, cleaning cloth and passport. Just check out our inventory and see yourself – Zilli sunglasses price is very competitive.