Eyewear Compliments? You Already Know.

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You Don't Need Compliments. You Already Know.

You've exceeded life's expectations. How can you express your life without revealing your secret success? Say it with your eyes. We're the only authorized distributor of all three manufacturers: Zilli, Gucci and Face-A-Face. Their high quality, hand-made Italian & French eyewear is not for everyone to wear. No. The realness is for those who live life on different terms…your own.

Explore the collections. Buy a Zilli for the man who knows how to combine rugged with casual class. Or the Face-A-Face woman that shows who she is, while leaving something on the eyewear stem that’s just for her. And Gucci, well, these styles are only for the few. 


Exclusive designs that only a few know. And they like it that way. Their handcrafted eyewear are bold, sporty, yet sophisticated. A designer that is never compared uses the finest materials and is tracked with a serial number to ensure authenticity and customer support.


There's Gucci....and then there's Gucci. Handcrafted in Italy, the Gucci eyewear is on the cutting edge of fashion, unique designs and uses only the finest materials that creates a forward thinking design. Sophistication that can only be found at Gucci.


Handmade, Face-A-Face is uniquely crafted from the best fine materials in the world. Its innovative designs let you express your fun side while keeping something private that is just for you on the stems. Look closely...no other designer includes that special touch.

Gucci eyewear and sunglasses