Crystal Eyewear: the Fashion Forward Look

Crystal Eyewear: the Fashion Forward Look

When you think of crystal eyewear are you thinking the translucent eye frames or are you thinking crystal eyewear to mean Swarovski eyewear with the Austrian brand’s signature high-quality crystals. Because we’re, we’re all about the high-quality bling.

What is Crystal Eyewear?

Crystal eyewear are the sparkle created from the crystals set into the eye frames used to highlight and bring attention to your eyes. As eyes are most people’s beautiful assets, crystals that are set in the eye frames accentuate any color eyes. You can find the most authentic crystals in high quality eyewear brands such as Swarovski.

Who is Swarovski Eyewear?

We’ve all heard of Swarovski’s jewelry. We’ve even seen their jewelry stores. Swarovski expanded their line of crystal accessories to include crystal eyewear. Their classic and modernistic designs are sleek and elegant while the crystals are strategically placed on the eyewear to enhance and add new dimension of style and grace for women.

Where Can I Find Crystal Eyewear by Swarovski? has carefully chosen Swarovski crystal eyewear to offer its customers. You’ll only find a limited selection on our site, but they are a perfect selection for those who want something elegant, classy with an accent of a shimmer and glitter from a crystal.

They are affordably priced so every woman can feel glamourous even in a hoody, pair of jeans or an evening gown. It’s the perfect crystal eyewear that can be worn all the time.

The Unique Materials to Compliment the Crystals

Now, here’s a metal that you won’t see very often. Swarovski crystal eyewear is made with the spectacular ruthenium metal. What is it? Ruthenium is a silvery white metallic metal that belongs to the platinum group of metals. Now, everyone knows that platinum is one of the finest, most durable metals offered in the market today. But Swarovski put a twist to it. Use the finest metal, but one that compliments the Swarovski crystal in a silvery white metallic metal.  

The Italian handmade crystal eyewear is just so beautiful with its frame, either the dark or half rimless frame, that the crystals compliment both looks. It’s never overstated or understated. It gives just the right amount of crystals that it’s amazing to see how the use of color, texture and style blends well together to allow the crystals to blend into the design. It all looks so natural together.

What’s Next?

Take the time to view these amazingly gorgeous crystal eyewear at You’ll enjoy the symmetrical shapes with crystals to enhance their architecture. We can supply you just the frame, or even fill your prescription along with the new Swarovski crystal eyewear.

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