Zilli: Find out Why Zilli Eyewear is All the High Fashion

Zilli: Find out Why Zilli Eyewear is All the High Fashion

Zilli was founded in Lyon, France in 1965. It made its start in men’s clothing and found popularity with its luxury leather jacket and still is well-known and worn today. Because of the high quality materials used in the Zilli products, the price tag will be greater than a commercially marketed brand. The company features the Zilli high end luxury items in stores located in Milan, Paris, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, Beijing and New York!

What are Zilli Eyeglasses?

Zillis is a family business who has won numerous awards for it’s clothing collection over the years due to high quality materials and skins by highly skilled craftsmen. Zilli describes their Sun eyewear, or Zilli sunglasses, as “sophisticated elegance” associated with “avant-garde technologies”. Meaning, they explore new artistic methods using techniques that are associated with the particular brand. That’s what makes Zilli unique in the eyewear industry.

Why does Framebay.com Carry Zilli Eyewear

Framebay.com has decided to offer its customers the finest quality eyewear crafted with the highest standards of materials which are handcrafted from the company’s origin. That’s why you’ll find brand names you know…and some brand names you won’t know such as Zilli and Zilli eyewewar.

Eyewear Materials

We carefully search for eyewear and sunglasses that are made of the finest materials and Zilli utilizes titanium, an incredibly durable metal. Leather is an often times used accented material along with acetate, which is a highly durable, flexible, one-of-a-kind coloration plastic.

The unique shapes, style and sizes have become synonymous with the name Zilli and Zilli eyewear. Each Zilli frame is unique and is has an identifier, or a serial number as each pair of Zilli glasses has its own unique look and feel. Even though the ‘style’ might be the same, the materials are not. These are hand crafted and not mass produced, which makes them the luxury brand for those that like to be a bit different. We get it.

Why Buy Something So Expensive?

If you like eyewear that is throw away, then Zilli is not for you. When you purchase a pair of Zilli eyewear, it is an investment that will take you years down the road. The Zilli eyewear will never go out of style, always look luxurious and make a quiet…let profound statement. You enjoy unique sophistication that attracts the ‘right’ attention.

The Zilli Titanium Leather Eyewear

Framebay.com wanted to feature this specific Zilli eyewear as we believe it drips luxury, sophistication and accents the individual you are. The black and gold colors are vibrant and play off each other well. The titanium, acetate and leather accents are simply stunning putting the right materials in the right space that allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. And it’s well deserved.

Give it a Try

If you enjoy quality and want your investment to go forever…these are the eyewear for you. Give Zilli a try and we guarantee that when you’re asked about your eyewear, everyone will look online for that Zilli. It’s the little secret that makes you…you! Visit the Zilli collection now.

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