Wood Eyewear: A Perfect Piece for Fall

Wood Eyewear: A Perfect Piece for Fall

Wood eyewear is the perfect start to the Fall. As we said our goodbyes to summer, we begin to watch the leaves change their colors and expose the wooden branches that inspire the beauty, delicacy and durability that wood eyewear bring.

What is Wood Eyewear?

Wood eyewear brings nature into our everyday lives in a unique and spectacular way. Because no two trees are alike, each pair of wood eyewear silently tells a story of timeless heritage with distinct grains that are unique to each pair of wood eyewear. Each pair of wood eyewear are handcrafted with a mix of masculine and feminine style that encompasses your emotions.

Change of Season…Change of Eyewear

As we begin to change out our summer wardrobe for Fall fashion, we need to do the same for our eyes. We spent countless hours enjoying our sunglasses, or in cloudy areas…as much as possible. High quality sunglasses remind us of warm breezes by day, and cooler ones at night. Now with Fall coming, how can our eyes enjoy the characteristics of tree branches?

Gold & Wood Eyepieces

Framebay.com wants to give our customers only the best in eyewear. One of those high quality eyepieces is from Gold & Wood, a perfect wood eyewear for Fall. The family owned company stresses the smells of their unique materials and the passion they have for fine quality eyewear.

The materials they use for their wood eyewear range from American oak to Tanganyika and curly maple and Tay Or Koto in between. For their accented eyepieces, you can count on brown, marble black and white horn for amazing finishing touches.

Gold & Wood Frame

Framebay.com has an amazing Gold & Wood with a burgundy color wood on the top of the eye frame with brown wood on the stems. The eyewear is accented with gold and black to finish off the bold look. These wood eyewear have the appearance of color block, a style that most people enjoy wearing for their everyday or dress wear fashion. This beautifully accents their taste.

Gold & Wood Sunglasses

I know it’s Fall, but these Gold & Wood wood sunglasses are just the thing for the Fall sun. Made of all red wood with hints of black, these rectangular shaped frames are brought to life with a red mirror lens that simply makes a statement. They are the perfect Fall color matching the red leaves in our beautiful trees. Just be careful so you don’t get lost in the leaves! Or your sunglasses!

Time to Try and Buy

It’s a perfect time to buy your Fall sunglasses and eyewear by Gold & Wood. View our collection by clicking here. Once you pick your new Framebay.com frames, you’ll be happy you added them to your collection of eyewear. Visit us again for the latest in eyewear.

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