Who is Zilli Eyewear and Why is Framebay.com a Zilli Eyewear Authorized Dealer

Who is Zilli Eyewear and Why is Framebay.com a Zilli Eyewear Authorized Dealer

Zilli eyewear is an exclusive luxury brand of eyewear with its stores located in strategic cities such as Paris, Milan, London, New York, Moscow, Istanbul, Beijing and Dubai. As you can tell by these city names, they cater to those that enjoy something different, something unique that you won’t find your standard celebrity wearing. Instead, if you like to look important and not be a copy cat to a celebrity, then Zilli

What is a Zilli Eyewear Authorized Dealer?

To be a Zilli Eyewear Authorized Dealer, a seller of Zilli needs to be committed to the brand in order to offer the eyewear to their own clientele and to the general public. This mean we did our own research on the quality of the materials used, the longevity of the materials, how are the crafted and does the designer have a distinct style that is what the target audience wants to wear.

After our own investigation, we chose to become a Zilli eyewear authorized dealer. It is not an easy task because the name is not well known in the USA like Ray-Bans are. But not everyone wants to look like everyone else. There are those that want a distinct look. Something that represents who they are as a person. Bold…Distinguished…Noticed…Sexy.

What Materials Make Zilli Eyewear Unique

One of the most common materials used in Zilli eyewear is titanium. Titanium is a lightweight metal that is incredibly durable and long lasting. Something everyone wants from their eyewear. Along with titanium are acetate and leather. Acetate is a flexible, long lasting type of material that allows the designer to craft a unique look to the eyewear. Leather, who doesn’t love the distinct look of leather. And when it is used strategically on eyewear, it can make a subtle, yet bold statement. Zilli loves the use of leather, and so do we.

Unique Serial Number for Each Zilli Eyewear

Talk about unique… Each Zilli eyewear is handcrafted. How you know it truly is, is when the company is ready to address each piece of Zilli eyewear with a unique serial number. That means, no mass production, and each pair will appear to be different. So when you look at our Framebay.com website, your Zilli choice will look similar but not exact. The one sent to you will be your own look. We love that!

If you love the look and style of Zilli, then it is a must to have a pair of Zilli eyewear in your eyewear collection. You’ll find that you’ll use them more and more as the days pass, and you’ll put your everyday ‘go to’ eyewear to the side. There’s everything to want in these eyewear.

New Investments

Now this is not necessarily critical information for you, but good to know that two investment firms believe there is a ton of promise to the growth of Zilli. Not just the Zilli eyewear, but to their other lines as well, including clothing. Two investors, one from Dubai and one from Milan invested in the company just a couple of years ago to give them the funds they need to keep their high quality brand moving forward. We couldn’t agree more. Here’s the article if you want to read it for yourself in WWD.

What to do Next?

Go to Framebay.com and visit our Zilli collection of authorized eyewear. If you see Zilli anywhere else and not sold by a Zilli authorized dealer such as Framebay.com, don’t buy them. They are copy cats, and there’s plenty out there. By purchasing your Zilli’s from Framebay.com, you’ll know you are purchasing the real deal by an authorized dealer that loves the Zilli brand as much as you.

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