Plastic Eyeglasses or Metal Eyeglasses...The Preference

Plastic Eyeglasses or Metal Eyeglasses...The Preference

Plastic eyeglasses or metal eyeglasses... Everyone has a preference. When it’s time to get a new pair of fashion eyewear, you think to yourself, “Wow, this is going to be so much fun! So many fashion frames to choose from!” Then when it’s time to shop, you automatically get drawn to either plastic eyeglasses or metal.

What are Plastic Eyeglasses?

Plastic eyeglasses that are made for high quality designer frames are crafted from cellulose acetate, a high quality plastic. Plastic eyeglasses are normally thicker in style and can be handmade into various shapes, sizes, and colors for a stylish and refined look. If eclectic eyewear is what you’re after, plastic eyeglasses will be the perfect choice.

What are Metal Eyeglasses?

Metal eyeglasses offer a more minimalistic design that has timeless styles that last for years. Metal eyeglasses can be more easily made into a semi-rimless style frame with can bring out your natural features versus a heavier plastic eyeglasses even if it is a clear color.

Shopping for Curated Designer Eyewear

Now that we know what to two types of eyeglasses offered, when you start to shop for your first pair of eyewear or tenth pair of glasses, you’ll gravitate to one or the other. Some people like the plastic eyeglasses better as they can provide more options in terms of color or thickness. Some people even find how the nose is treated as a factor in choosing plastic eyeglasses. If you don’t like nose pads, then plastic eyeglasses have the perfect ‘built-in’ nose pad that provides consistent comfort every time.

However, shopping for metal eyeglasses is just the opposite. Those who choose metal over plastic eyeglasses have found metal to be more streamlined and provide more timeless styles. Metal eyewear can be more lightweight than plastic eyeglasses, more bendable and can also be more creative with the design. Also remember, if you have an allergy to metal, then you’ll need to go the plastic eyeglasses route.

Can Plastic Eyeglasses and Metal Eyewear Have Bold Designs?

Absolutely! Here are two frames by Alain Mikli of Japan that combined BOTH the plastic and metal materials together. These are unique and a ton of fun as it was the perfect meeting between two types of materials that blended contemporary luxury with bold designs. The Alain Mikli brown and blue metal and plastic material is the perfect combination for not too heavy…and not too light, and does feature the nose pad. Now the Model AL1331 from Alain Mikli frame does a different take on metal and plastic eyeglasses with a blend of copper and brown tortoise. They are fun, innovative and eclectic eyewear that says, “I’ll never pick sides”.

Choose a Little Bit of Both

If you can enjoy both plastic eyeglasses and metal eyeglasses, be sure to check out our selection of Alain Mikli today at  You’ll find a wide selection of metal and plastic fused together with style, in a distinctive fashion that is very uncommon for many to choose. So why not be both!

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