Rectangle Glasses are Still Around

Rectangle Glasses are Still Around

Rectangle glasses were either rimless or had a thin rim around the frame. I’m one of those people who has a square head. Okay, maybe not perfectly square, but square enough. Rectangle glasses have complemented my square head where round glasses well it’s like fitting a round peg into a square hole. It just doesn’t work.

What are Rectangle Glasses?

Rectangle glasses refers to the shape of the lenses that allow us to ‘see’, especially if there is an eye site prescription involved. The shape of the glasses, such as rectangle glasses, not only cover the eyes for vision purposes, but the shape of the rectangle glasses decorates or compliment the shape of our faces. Rectangle glasses can soften or accentuate the shape of our head whether it be a frame with color or a rimless or colorless frame.

Fashion Eyewear

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love fashion eyewear, but not all of us are versatile enough to wear all different kinds of shapes and sizes. There are some that can wear the ‘Harry Caray’ eyewear, where the shape and frames cover the face from eyebrow down to the cheek bones. Then there are some that have a small oval shape that just barely covers the size of the eyes themselves.

Are Rectangles Glasses for Me?

I’ll certainly be dating myself, but rectangle glasses came into fashion about 25 years ago. They were all the fashion in Europe, especially Sweden. I recall this as I traveled there often for work. That’s where I fell in love with the rectangle glasses. As soon as I put them on, it was the shape my square head needed. The shape stayed for many years and my square head was happy to get a new pair of frames every couple of years. Then came the round lenses. Ugh.

Round Lenses

The round lens or frame have always had a presence, but wasn’t necessarily at the forefront of fashion eyewear…until the past few years. Today we see frames from Gucci, and Face a Face that have incredible designs around the round frames and lens. Although spectacular to look at, it just doesn’t complement my face. And that’s okay. We all have a special look and shape to our faces. As fashion changes and evolves over time, we need to find what looks best on each of us and stick with it! As much as I’d love to wear round eyewear, I know too well that it’s not the best look on me.

Today, Anything Goes

If there’s one thing that Fashion is today, and that’s flexible. Gone are the days where every designer followed a similar direction. If one fashion designer picked yellow, everyone else showed yellow as well. If frames were rectangle glasses, then everyone was showing similar shape. Now, it is every designer for his or her self. You want purple and green stripes on the stem of your glasses, no problem. If you want rimless, or thick black rims, okay that’s available and on the runway too!

Don’t Turn Fashion into a Trend

Fashion trends come and go. You don’t need to be back in the late 1970’s wearing large lenses that cover the face, wear what looks good on you. If it’s square, round, oval or rectangle, you find what looks nest on you and stick with it.

Take a look at for a variety of shapes and sizes.

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