What Does It Take to Be an Eyewear Disruptor

What Does It Take to Be an Eyewear Disruptor

An eyewear disruptor can take many forms. It can mean that you are changing the way eyewear fashion is perceived and it can also mean disruptors such as price, convenience and accessibility. But to many eyewear and sunglass shoppers, they want to get all three! Is it possible that an eyewear disruptor can be more than more of these areas? Let’s take a ‘look’.

What is an Eyewear Disruptor?

An eyewear disruptor is all about changing the norm. Their innovative way of thinking about processes by streamlining and removing the potential obstacles in its path is what a disruptor is all about…especially an eyewear disruptor.

Is Framebay an Eyewear Disruptor? Absolutely!

Zilli is an Eyewear Disruptor

Zilli has taken the eyewear disruptor for men by storm! This is not a new company. They’ve been around since 1965, but have stayed quiet and sell to those who disrupt the market in their own way. An eyewear disruptor consists of both the sellers of Zilli eyewear and those who wear it.

Framebay.com is an authorized reseller of Zilli. We sell it right on our website. But the everyday eyewear disruptors can be seen all over the U.S. and abroad. When you see a man who wears this very appealing eyewear is breaking new ground. They stand out…in an attractive way that makes every person…stop and look. It exudes money, sophistication, sporty, trendy, and simply one-of-a-kind. It’s a brand you want to be disrupted by.

Face-A-Face is an Eyewear Disruptor

Now for the women. Women know the line, “girls just wanna have fun”, well this eyewear disruptor is everything you want in eyewear. Face-A-Face is a disruptor that is high fashion eyewear at its best. These fashion forward eyewear disruptor has everything a woman wants: color, style and design. But let’s not forget what Face A Face does for every woman…put something secret in its eyewear. What? Where? At the end of each eyewear arm, there is a secret…a stiletto or high heel shoe at the end of the eyewear arm. Who does that! Well, nobody…that’s what makes them special.

Why Be a Consumer Eyewear Disruptor?

It’s perfectly fine if you like your special brand. It looks great on you and you are just fine with it. Stick with what looks good. However, if you like to push the boundaries a bit by wearing high fashion brands that are not know by many, then you can be the new consumer eyewear disruptor. Eyewear disruptors are confident in wearing brands that nobody knows. They like to trend the line of different. They have fun with their investment and enjoy showing others where eyewear fashion can go.

If you want to explore being an eyewear disruptor, visit the framebay.com website as we carry many disruptive brands that sets you apart from the rest.

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