Acetate Glasses: Discover Why Fashion Eyewear Use the Material

Acetate Glasses: Discover Why Fashion Eyewear Use the Material

Acetate glasses are all the rage. Every quality manufacturer of fashion eyewear uses the popular material. But what is it that made it so popular and why should you look for acetate glasses when you are purchasing a new pair of designer frames.

What are Acetate Glasses?

Acetate glasses are an environmentally friendly material made from cellulose; a material found in plants. Eyewear prior to acetate were made from plastic which is derived from petroleum. Acetate glasses are a renewable and natural source and provides many benefits such as lightweight, hypoallergenic and durability. Three very important aspects to wearing eyewear every day.

Fashion Eyewear Use Acetate

If you are searching for a pair of new fashion eyewear, then you want to be sure the description for the men’s designer eyewear or the women’s designer eyewear uses acetate in their manufacturing process. You’ll notice that on website, that’s one of the most important descriptors that we use. We try to select high quality fashion eyewear that is respectful of the environment and uses renewable sources. Be sure to check it out on our website.

How are Acetate Glasses Made?

Acetate glasses are created by layering. One color or transparency on top of the other to create beautiful designs and styles which are then laminated together into a solid form. Each piece are then cut, shaped and hand polished for a rich beautiful design that makes designers like Face A Face and Zilli unique.

Now that doesn’t mean that’s the only choice of materials to handcraft fashion eyewear. The high-quality ones use quality durable materials such as titanium or even wood.


Wood eyewear are unique in its craftmanship and its look as it is made from all natural material…real wood! If you choose to go the wood eyewear route, these frames are naturally thicker and the realism of the appearance. Now what does that mean? No two trees are alike. Each has a slightly different color or grain. Grain are the lines found on the inside of the tree. You can’t get any closer to nature that provides a different feel and look every time.

Even though you view a pair of wood eyewear on our website, but just know that what you see will not be exactly what you get. It will be similar, but not exact. That’s what makes it special. Each wood eyewear that you purchase will be slightly different. So why not buy two!

Care for What You Put on Your Face

All we can say is be cautious what you put on your face. If you buy cheap, you end up getting what you pay for. But if you want quality and long lasting fashion eyewear that will last…forever, then be sure to choose high quality materials such as wood eyewear or acetate glasses during your next purchase. It’s worth the money for the health of your face.

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