Tinted Lens is Making a Retro Comeback

Tinted Lens is Making a Retro Comeback

A tinted lens is what’s coming to 2023. Another nod to the 1970s. Why another nod? The 1970s eyewear styles were tinted lenses, BIG frames, geometric styles and of course, the classic cat eye glasses. Now that we’ve already embraced the big frames that has covered just about half our face, it’s time to embrace something maybe a bit easier to wear…the tinted lens.

What is a Tinted Lens?

A tinted lens adds color and transparency to the eyewear lens. It allows you to protect your eyes with a variety of single color or gradient colors, blended together for a more retro look. The tinted lens usually has transparency to its look, allowing for an individuals eyes to show through the colored lens when a person is looked upon.

Colored Lenses

As we’ve discussed in a previous post on the benefits of a tinted lens, it’s important to first choose the reason for your tinted lens. Are you trying to block UV rays, are you playing a sport like skiing or sailing? The color lens is viral to knowing what color you need when used for a purpose.

However, if it’s just for fun, then any color tinted lens is fantastic! You can buy multiple pair of sunglasses to match your outfit. Our favorites include yellow, red, or a tint of green for those who enjoy environmental causes.

Men’s Tinted Lens

One of our most popular men’s tinted lens is by none other than Zilli. A distinguished Italian designer with sophistication of brown to blue tints with just enough transparency to watch where the eyes wonder off to. Just an amazing pair of sunglasses made from acetate, leather and titanium make this investment an envy amongst watchers.

Women’s Tinted Lens

Want to let everyone know how fun you are? As we know the 1970s was a fun time for sure! These Face A Face sunglasses give the perfect single color tinted lens that perfectly accents the color purplish blue eye frames. You won’t find these at any store…as these are quite hard to find. And that’s why Framebay.com has them. We know you are a one of a kind…deserving of these one of a kind tinted lens with bold frame. The Face A Face frames are made from high quality acetate that allows for high quality, long-lasting wear.

Keeping an Eye on 2023

Framebay.com is ready to bring in 2023 with plenty of tinted lens eyewear. We’ve seen plenty of Gucci large frames that graced 2022 for most of the year, it’s time to lighten things up with the colors of the rainbow. Start thinking now about your blues, greens, yellows, reds and pinks and if you like a solid tint lens or a multi-colored tint lens. Once you decide that, next let’s figure out the amount of transparency. The 1970s allowed for plenty of transparency, so be sure to think what is going to match your outfits the most. Now you’ll be ready to wear 2023 in style!                                                         

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