Spring Sunglasses for Spring Break

Spring Sunglasses for Spring Break

Spring sunglasses are the perfect accompaniment for a spring break trip. Spring break is just around the corner, and that means sunny skies and warmer weather. Many people from across the country living in cold, snowy states travel to the sunny states. Several hotspot destinations include Los Angeles, Hawaii and Miami. If you’re traveling from a cold, snowy state to a sunny state, a drastic change in UltraViolet (UV) light may affect the eyes. This change often causes physical discomfort and small blotches in vision, especially in people with sensitive eyes. A pair of sunglasses can help protect you from the drastic change in UV light while adding style to your outfit. If you’re going on a spring break trip this year, a comfortable, colorful pair of sunglasses may be just what you need to stand out in the crowd of vacationers. If you’re into a simpler look, a light, classy pair of sunglasses to compliment any style is a great option for a spring break trip.

A Bold Spring Statement

As the clouds clear up in the sky, the eyes must adjust to the strong rays of the sun. It’s important to protect your eyes with a pair of spring sunglasses this spring break. A new pair of statement sunglasses are perfect to protect your eyes and match with the newly colorful spring surroundings. It’s also in fashion. Many choose to coordinate their outfits with eyewear, as seen  from celebrities online and on TV. The highest fashion today includes a pop of color, as seen on Rihanna at the Super Bowl only a few weeks ago. She wears a pair of stylish cat eye red glasses to match her red outfit. In her previous photos on the beach as seen on Instagram, she has a pair of red and pink glasses. To make a fashion statement this spring break, we recommend for women a stylish pink glasses from Face A Face (https://framebay.com/products/face-a-face-sunglasses-frame-bocca-lova-1-4026-acetate-fuschia-orange-italy-made), interesting enough to draw attention and colorful enough to blend in with your colorful spring surroundings. 

A Classy Spring Statement

A new pair of simple but classy spring sunglasses will also provide the functionality and style you need to protect your eyes this spring break. We recommend for both men and women, the Paul Vosheront gold plated sunglasses (https://framebay.com/products/paul-vosheront-sunglasses-gold-plated-metal-acetate-polarized-italy-pv3438s-c2), as the aviator style glasses are currently in fashion, and the gold coloring is classy with lightly tinted glass. 

Not Going on Vacation?

Is a spring break trip not in your schedule this year? Are you living in a cloudy and snowy state? Be prepared for the spring rain and snowstorms. Snow and rain mixed with sunny weather cause reflections that damage the eyes when consistently exposed. Treat yourself to an at home spring break with a new pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the damaging reflection, while also feeling like you’re on vacation! 

Last Notes

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of spring sunglasses, check out the newly released frames on our website Framebay.com. We offer a range of sunglasses from popular designer brands such as Gucci and Fendi, ready to compliment any style you’re going for this spring break. 

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