Show Your Lifestyle with the New Face a Face Bocca Rock 3 Sunglasses

Show Your Lifestyle with the New Face a Face Bocca Rock 3 Sunglasses

Sunglasses reflect a part of our lifestyle: sporty, professional, trendy, casual and unique to name a few. That’s why we can’t help but own a few different style sunglasses. We enjoy choosing the sunglass that’s going to fit the occasion and maybe even the mood you’re in.

Lifestyle Sunglasses: What Do You Want to Say?

Lifestyle sunglasses says to the world here’s who I want you to see right now. If you choose to wear your sporty sunglasses, you want everyone to know you are an athlete or you enjoy sports. These sunglasses can go with a pair of ski's or a bathing suit at the beach.

If you choose you want to be private, incognito like a movie star, then your large dark sunglasses act as a barrier to you and the world. Maybe that message is, “notice me, but don’t approach, I need my space.”

We’re always giving messages through our sunglass choice. But is there anything that is private…that only I know is there? Something special and unique that can’t be shared with the world.

The Face a Face Bocca Rock 3 Sunglasses

There is everything special about these limited-edition sunglasses. The Face a Face Bocca Rock 3 are a high quality, handmade sunglasses in Italy. Under the design direction of Pascal Jaulent, his creative genius brings elements of shapes, materials, textures into what he describes as the architecture of eyewear.

Let’s explore the Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 sunglasses as they are a perfect blend of making a statement and keeping something private…something that only you will know that it’s there.

The Private Side of Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 Sunglasses

This is all for you. These Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 sunglasses give you two special ways to celebrate you privately.
1. Only 200 of these sunglasses are manufactured. When you look on the stem of these Face A Face Bocca sunglasses, you’ll see there are only 200 in total made. These specifically are number 25 out of 200. How fun is that!?! You want unique…you want something that only 199 others in the world have, these are it.

2. Stiletto shoe at the end of the fabulous sunglass stem. This hidden gem is tucked away in back of your ear. If you have short hair, or wear your hair in a pony tail, then maybe…maybe a highly observant person will notice the tiny red stiletto’s. This is all for you.
Now you know why the private side of the Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 had to be shared first.

The Statement Side of Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 Sunglasses

Let’s first take a look at the shape of the frame. These Face A Face Bocca’s have a bit of a cat—eye shape. It’s not as dramatic as a traditional cat-eye, as these have a more contoured shape. The shape will clearly be more complimentary to the face regardless if it’s round, oval or even square.

Now take a look at the lens. It features a graduated darkness, going from light on the bottom to darker on top. Notice I didn’t say ‘dark’? It gives off the right amount of privacy yet functional at the same time! What do I mean by that? The darker says ‘I’m approachable, but ask first.” The functionality of the sunglasses is the light at the bottom.

Face A Face took into consideration…reading. There’s no lifting these sunglasses off the nose. They perfectly position the lightness on the bottom so you can see and read when you need to.

A Stylish Yet Practical Extension of the Sunglass Frame

The Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 designer took the extra step by extending the cat-eye around the top of the frame…that is NOT part of the eyewear stem. It has an amazing sleek look. But it also has a practical side to it. The glamorous extension of the sunglass covers that spot where the sun has a way of creeping in.

How Would You Classify the Face A Face Bocca Rock 3 Sunglass?

High-end fashion…or better yet, leading-edge fashion sunglasses. The unique blend of private side and statement with the attention to detail take these sunglasses to a new level. If you want something different and feel different, then you need to come in to our store and try them on. Just beware, once you do, you’ll be leaving with them on.
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