Red Eyeglass Frames are the Color of Love and Passion

Red Eyeglass Frames are the Color of Love and Passion

Red eyeglass frames celebrate the wonderful love of Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day per year…no the entire month per year where red eyeglass frames are all that everyone wants to wear. And why not? Red eyeglass frames light up the room. And that’s what you do each time you wear this wonderful eyewear.

What are Red Eyeglass Frames?

Red eyeglass frames are usually made of acetate, a type of flexible plastic that allows the color, style and any detail work to show through. It is a high quality material that is non-allergic material, is friendly to the environment and has become the power material to use in eyewear.

Who Wears Red Eyeglass Frames?

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who wear red! Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

  • Elton John: Elton John has worn an eclectic set of red eyeglass frames for years. And there isn’t anyone who can do it better. From solid bright red frames to palm trees starting at the top and curving outward until it reaches the bottom of the frame. He has worn red tinted lenses with red frames to pink frames or traditional gold.
  • Sally Jessy Raphael: Do you remember her? She always wore her trademark red eyeglass frames where it became a trademark for her look. Regardless of color clothes she wore, the red frames seemed to always match.

What Does it Mean to Wear Red Eyeglass Frames?

When we wear bright colors as a bright red or natural red, it means confidence and fun! What does it mean about your personality? A great big color like red says, ‘hey I’m here!’ The color red means that you don’t want to be missed in the crowd, you love life. Red can capture a more confident look, no different than wearing a red suit, bright red lip stick or both! Why? Red is a power color. It’s bold, beautiful and that is why you wear red eyeglass frames.

 The Holiday to Wear Red

As we know Christmas is a perfect time to wear red, so that’s one month we can enjoy a bold bright red eyewear. But let’s not forget February where we can celebrate Valentine’s Day! It’s a holiday where red is celebrated. So why not wear red eyeglass frames for the month of February. So when you go out with your partner, it’s a perfect way to say that you love…love and want to show it.

But wait! March is sprint time. What better way to enjoy spring that wear red eyewear. The tulips are coming up red, the flowers and berries are showing their beautiful red colors, so red eyeglass frames can be worn during this time too. Well, if that’s true, let’s not forget Fall. The leaves in the Fall turn the colors of yellow, orange and yes, red! Not just any red, but vibrant multi-shades of red.

What Does All this Mean?

It means that wearing red eyeglass frames at anytime of the year is simply perfect. So, celebrate all year with beautiful red eyeglass frames by some of the most spectacular designers such as Gucci, Face A Face, Charriol, Fendi, Alexander McQueen and more. Click on ‘red eyeglass frames’ to view the collection.
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