NFT Fashion, But Can I Wear It for Real

NFT Fashion, But Can I Wear It for Real

NFT fashion is taking fashion to a different dimension. These special NFT fashion garments can be used when you are in a metaverse, or other virtual environments. The fun part is that you own the NFT fashion, and you can maintain two closets…however, if you want to wear one of your NFT fashion items for real…sorry. Not going to happen.

However, if you are ready to start your NFT fashion closet, De Rigo Vision is ready to go! As shown in WWD, they are coming out with the first NFT eyewear. Do you think it will be something you only wear because it’s the metaverse and you wouldn’t wear it the physical world? Let me know.

NFT Fashion for the Eyes

Now, comes the fun part. We love all types of eyewear fashion. It is a great way to express how you are feeling, match a particular outfit, and simply put yourself out there that is outside of the norm of what you would do. We’ve all taken some sort of leap in fashion eyewear…and it makes us feel...rather good! Let’s take a look at some fun stuff that Framebay covers that’s a little more FB fashion in the physical world.

Gucci Sunglasses

Let everyone know you love Gucci! Watch out NFT fashion, Gucci puts their logo right on the lenses. The best part is that you don’t see it, everyone else does. The traditional Gucci colors outlined in gold with a shape that is all over your face. You’ll feel like a movie star in these Gucci sunglasses. Are they a bit pricy? With the materials that Gucci uses certainly say ‘quality’ and ‘luxury’. These Gucci sunglasses will last forever.

Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses

NFT fashion you got nothing on Yves saint Laurent. For those who love the logo on the lenses but don’t want to flaunt it…just a bit of a hint…then these are for you! These amazing sunglasses have a gradient colorful lens that give the hint of eyes that you can see…but not all that much. It’s just a hint. The lenses are surrounded with a brilliant shiny gold that attracts the attention to you…where it matters the most. The shape is perfect for all face shapes so it will sit wonderfully to give just enough fashion.

So Why?

NFT fashion can be creative and wild and fun to wear in your metaverse closet. Remember your physical world closet too! We love eyewear fashion and we love how sunglasses and eyewear can take your look to the next level here on earth. Better yet, wear some eyewear anywhere here on earth and enjoy wearing them.

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