Mandated Masks… Meet Mandated High Fashion Eyewear from Fendi, Face A Face, Alain Mikli and Dsquared2

Mandated Masks… Meet Mandated High Fashion Eyewear from Fendi, Face A Face, Alain Mikli and Dsquared2

As masks are mandated in many parts of the country yet again, our eyes are the only parts of the face showing. If you wear make-up or not, our eyewear can do the talking and express who we are even when our mouths are covered.

If you are like me, I tend to shy away from wearing the sky-blue medical mask. Instead, a double layer of beautiful fabric that can match with multiple outfits is the way to go. So how can you coordinate with eyewear? Let’s take a look at some high-end eyewear or lifestyle eyewear that will get you noticed even if you’re wearing a pair of sweatpants. Here we go!

Alain Mikli

These amazing brown and blue eyewear make a statement of sleek construction with a modernistic approach. Made of metal and acetate, these French made Alain Mikli frames dresses up the eyes giving them an appearance of the ‘cat eye’. In stock $249.


Dsquared2 eyeglasses are maybe a shape that you have seen, but not in a true black and white mix. Usually, acetate frames come in colorful shades, but the contrast in color of black and white bring versatility and elegance to any face. In stock $235.  it’s recommended to get 2 pairs of eyeglasses.

 Face A Face

These Face A Face Bocca City eyewear say it all! You’re to be seen, admired and known for taking risks! These are some of the most high-fashion eyewear on the market. The blend of colors allow these glasses to be worn with any outfit. Worth every penny. In stock $495.

Face A Face

Couldn’t help myself. Look at the versatility in the Face A Face high fashion eyewear. These are flashy blue with a round frame. Now round is still in fashion and popular, but these set themselves a part with their own style and flair. Keep a little something for yourself as the end of the eyewear stems have a beautiful pattern that’s kept secret. Only for you or a close one to know. In stock $520.


How can you go wrong with Italian-made eyewear from Fendi. You simply can’t. Beautiful gold frames with bold stems that show off the ‘Milan’ in you. In stock $225. You’re worth every penny.

Frame Wrap Up

Mask or no mask. Nobody is going to see the mask once they view your eyes in one of these 5 frames. All of these frames are in stock at Take the time to dress up your eyes and put the focus where it belongs…on you.
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