Gold Plated Sunglasses: A Timeless Tradition

Gold Plated Sunglasses: A Timeless Tradition

Gold plated sunglasses or eyewear have always been a classic choice for men. Yes, there are numerous thick acetate eyewear and thin colorful metal eyewear frames, but gold plated sunglasses or gold eyewear continues to be a favorite amongst men. Some might view it as boring…others think of gold plated sunglasses as conservative or businesslike. Others just like the way they look against their complexion. But what are gold plated sunglasses…really.

What is Gold Plated Sunglasses?

Gold plated sunglasses or gold plated eyewear are a thin metal frame that can be colored gold, gold plated, gold filled or even made from 14k gold. The common theme with gold plated is the magic word ‘gold’. When we think of gold, we embrace words such as expensive, luxury, prestigious and expensive. And many choose gold to tell others that this is the way we think about ourselves.

Standing the Test of Time

Gold plated sunglasses or gold plated eyewear have been around a very long time. There’s a reason for it. They can simply look good. Not all fashion eyewear need to be big and bold with shapes that go everywhere on the face. Glasses should compliment the face…not necessarily hide it. Some want to be seen with their beautiful eye color, maybe long lashes, and unique shape. And who can blame them?

Not Always Boring

Sometimes a traditional frame is best. Thin, gold and a shape that enhances the facial features. Sometimes it can get a little fancy. For instance, a favorite frame on the website is the Paul Vosheront eyewear. Some in the Paul Vosheront line are traditional with just a bridge across the nose, some have the bar on top that connects the two lenses together along with the bridge, but there’s one that sneaks in a bit of flare that don’t need to scream, but says that I ‘quietly’ flirt with a unique style. This is the ‘criss-cross’ blended frame and bridge together. It still is a think metal gold frame but definitely is flirtatious.

What Do You Want to Say? Or Not?

What is it that you want to say? Getting a pair of gold plated sunglasses or gold plated eyewear doesn’t have to be your only pair of eyewear. You can say more than just a single story. So what’s the story you want to sell with your new Paul Vosheront men’s eyewear? Take a look at the collection and find which one speaks about how you feel…and what to look.

For the Holidays

This holiday season, get the glitter around your eyes with a gold plated frame from You’ll love the way you look, feel and be ready to go and meet the new 2023 in a style that lasts forever.

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