Fendi x Skims Preview Collection with Fendi Eyewear Pairing

WWD reported on the big reveal today with the sneak-peek of the new Fendi x Skims capsule collection. The collection is a collaboration with Fendi, Kim Jones, the artistic director of haute couture, ready to wear and fur collection and Kim Kardashian West creating ready to wear shapewear, lingerie, swimwear and outerwear. To promote the pre-release on November 9th, 2021, Kim Kardashian West modeled it for yourself. Here are a couple of pictures from her Instagram.

What's Missing?

However, we believe a little extra something was needed. Some Fendi eyewear. We picked out a couple of women’s high fashion eyewear from Fendi to compliment the very shapely new collection.

Swimwear Meet Eyewear

Here’s a combination swimwear with warm jacket. Now if we pair them with these Fendi eyewear…perfect. 

fendi eyewear

These high-quality Italian made eyewear are the perfect compliment as it frames the face as the swimwear frames the body. The beautiful lines of the Fendi eyewear accentuates the eyes and carries your glance over to the sides where the glasses continue to show glamour and style.

You can purchase these right now at framebay.com on sale for only $200. With free shipping. 

Hug Your Body, Hug Your Face

Next, is this stunning body suit that simply hugs and accentuates the arms, body and hips. For this luxury piece, we recommend a bit of contrast. Let’s try the Fendi eyewear in cream.

fendi white eyewear

 A beautiful cream frame is a gorgeous contrast to the bodywear. As always, these Fendi eyewear are a creamy delight made in Italy and shapes the face to bring attention to both the body and the face. An amazing compliment to a dark outfit regardless of season. This stunning eyewear are on framebay.com for only $225. With free shipping.

Get ready to look stunning!

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