Face-A-Face Pair with Rowing Blazers

Face-A-Face Pair with Rowing Blazers

Nylon.com recently reported comedians Peter Davidson and Ziwe Star strutting their look for the Fall 2021 campaign for Rowing Blazers. The pictures certainly showed their comedic side with bright bold colors and styles. We knew right away Face-A-Face was the right choice to pair with Rowing Blazers.

Here’s our choices for a couple of the pictures featured in the article.

Right from the start, I had a hard time choosing which Face-A-Face eyewear would be perfect. I have 2 choices. The Face-A-Face Bocca Lova 3 with the thicker frames or similar frames with a thinner, STIJL 2 sleeker style.

Both frames are handmade in Italy and very hard to find. If you’re going to go all out, then you have to do it with a Face-A-Face.

Back to our guest picture. Which one do you see our comedian in?

 These Face-A-Face fashion forward frames are absolutely insane! What fun it is to wear these handmade high quality Italian frames from Face-A-Face in matte cherry red made from the finest acetate material. You just want to grab them and put them on!

Take a look at our Face-A-Face collection. And decide…who do you want to be today? There’s a new look for everyday of the week.
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