Face A Face Eyewear

Face A Face Eyewear

Face A Face eyewear is like no other designer out in the market today! Face A Face eyewear shy’s away from the standard, everyday design. They choose to be non-conformists… they use their imagination to create edgy, high end fashion eyewear that reflects the person wearing the unique eyewear. The styles and designs continue to evolve with each passing year drawing inspiration from architecture and modern art. Their contemporary designs together with their bold color choices make each Face A Face eyewear a work of art in its own right.

Face A Face Eyewear is Passionate!

With each work of art, the Face A Face eyewear uses robust colors. Not just bright colors, but robust. See their lilac color eyewear and you’ll find a gradient beauty in the color that is subdued, but robust. Even black! Black is usually just black. But Face A Face will use a slight texture to make it different such as their satin black color. It’s simply better than black.

Located in Europe and the US

Did you know that Face A Face is worldwide? Well of course. But did you know that their headquarter are located in Denmark but also San Franciso! These designs are reflective of the beauty of the world taking the colors and styles from the numerous genre’s that bring life to our lives. As its face indicates: Face A Face eyewear means let’s be together wherever we are. We’re all about being unique and proud of who we are, then a Face A Face eyewear is how to best express your one of a kind personality inside and out.

Prescription or Not

Sometimes fashion eyewear is just simply fun to wear like the Face A Face Funk Her style. These can be made with a prescription of leave as is! It’s all up to you. If you like something a bit more subdued in color but stylish in its shape…and in a Face A Face sunglass, then the Shine 1 in a brown horn and black is perfect for you. Get them in a prescription too!

These are so fun! Check out the Face A Face Bocca Love 3 Col 449. You can find it right here on our framebay.com website. Their round…their red…their white and they have a black and white camo experience on the eyewear arms. So much action is so little space. Once you see these, you’ll have to add them to your collection.

But Remember the End

At the end of every Face A Face eyewear is a little special something for you. A stiletto shaped shoe that makes you who you are or want to be! It’s a hidden gem right in front of everyone! How fun is that!

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