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End of July is the End of Fashion Week

July was a busy month for the world of fashion. The greatest minds of creativity set the trend for what to wear and how. For Framebay we’re all about what’s next in eyewear. How about leading-edge sunglasses!

The Trends in Eyewear

There was no doubt what every designer agreed upon. Sunglasses with oversized frames, wrap arounds and shapes, however, not at the same time. That would be a lot to look at. The big frames can go all the up to the eyebrow line and down under the cheekbone. The width of the glasses extends from the nose to the sides of the face. It has some big coverage, and you’ll never see the sides of the frames as you look in every direction.

The shapes are fun and different, but not so radical that it overpowers you. What’s clear is that Fashion sunglasses and eyewear has started to move away from the smooth, round shape to include more corners to give it a more edgy look.

FrameBay on Top of What’s New

Watching trends and bringing to you the best of what’s offered in fashion is what we do. We’re spotlighting for you a few sunglasses that encompass the trends to keep you not only in fashion, but forward fashion that can be easily worn out with friends to the grocery store.

This Face A Face Chance 2 Col 3411 brakes out from the long trending round frames. These hard-to-find women’s  sunglasses have beautiful architecture with sleek lines with breaks of color. It’s the perfect example of fashion forward Italian made sunglasses that fit the trend from July’s Fashion Month.

On the Men’s side the ZILLI titanium Acetate Leather Polarized sunglasses fit the men’s fashion for work or play. The shape may be more popular with the men, but with ZILLI each frame is handmade and comes with a unique serial number. So even though these frames are seen here, the next frame with be slightly different. That’s the satisfaction of handmade sunglasses. It’s a one-of-a-kind that’s all you.

Wrap Arounds

Wrap around sunglasses are not new, but treading the fine line of sporty and classy is a difficult one. That’s what’s so real about the John Galliano sunglasses JG04 033P specifically. These have that wrap around style with a classy, high quality look. At only $280. it’s an easy buy with a versatile look. It’s all the trend for men’s sunglasses.

 Are you ready to be Fashion Forward? Take a look at what we have to offer.

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