Does It Matter If It’s an Authentic Gucci or a Fake

Does It Matter If It’s an Authentic Gucci or a Fake

Everyone wants a personal item with the name Gucci.

Sunglasses, purse or even gym shoes. Why? It’s exclusive. It exudes sophistication, status and prestige. We all want it, and a bit of Gucci helps us ‘feel’ like we’re part of an exclusive group.

But sometimes people want it so bad, that they are willing to buy an imitation Gucci. Does it really matter?

Let me share with you a personal story.

A few months ago, I went with a friend to look for new eyewear. She learned of an eyewear store from a recommendation at work. She said that had great eyewear at reasonable costs. Since the recommender was wearing frames from the eyewear store, how can you go wrong?

She found a couple of eyeglasses that she really liked. One of them was a Gucci. We both were surprised that the Gucci eyewear was so reasonably priced (for Gucci). Of course, she had to buy them.

A couple months later, she went to a local eyewear store to get her glasses tightened. She was informed that the glasses were fragile and ready to break. Surprised by the comment, she went to another eyewear store and they said the Gucci eyewear were fake. And yes, they were old and ready to break.

Gucci Authorized Dealer

Not all eyewear stores can carry the Gucci brand. In fact, you need to be an approved Gucci dealer in order to get authentic Gucci eyewear and Gucci sunglasses and offer it to you. If you don’t see the ‘Gucci Authorized Dealer’ sign, don’t buy them from that store. They are fake.

How to Identify a Gucci Fake

In order to identify a Gucci, it needs to say ‘Made in Italy’. All Gucci sunglasses are stamped. And if it scratches off with your fingernail, that too is a sign of a fake pair of sunglasses. There are, of course some Gucci eyewear that are made in Japan. Again, it needs to state it on the eyewear itself. Then of course there’s the obvious. Gucci is spelled G U C C I. If any of this is misspelled, run far and fast!

Real Gucci Eyewear

The Gucci fashion is undeniable. Take a look at the picture of these Gucci sunglasses. Who else can put their logo directly on the lenses…or a classic black acetate…or a beautiful grey gradient lenses with the classic Gucci stripe on the stem? The craftsmanship, quality materials and style are found only with Gucci.

 So where can you get a real pair of Gucci eyewear? of course.

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