Do You Have the Right Outdoor Sunglasses for Alfresco Dining?

Do You Have the Right Outdoor Sunglasses for Alfresco Dining?

Outdoor sunglasses can take on many meanings. First, you can think of outdoor sunglasses for a big hike, or playing volleyball at the beach. Those are great reasons to have outdoor sunglasses. But the meaning of outdoor sunglasses could also apply to which pair of sunglasses do I wear for alfresco dining? Say what? Okay, I know the words alfresco dining doesn’t necessarily roll off of everyone’s tongue. So let’s define that first.

Outdoor Sunglasses for Alfresco Dining

Alfresco dining simply means eating at a restaurant, outdoors. Now that may sound like you’re simply eating in the streets, it can be a balcony, or a rooftop where you can take in the sights while you eat a beautiful meal. When you eat at an establishment that offers alfresco dining, you want to possibly step it up a notch and wear some outdoor sunglasses. Depending on the casual or fine dining nature of the meal, let’s take a look at some of our favorites for both US and International alfresco dining.

Zilli Aviator Sunglasses

As an authorized dealer of Zilli sunglasses, these are simply amazing. If you wear these at dinner, these Zilli aviator sunglasses can be worn past the sun going down. These amazing black and silver frame sunglass have that great texture of leather on both sides of the sunglass arms. The polarized lens is a light color gray with a light mirror. You may or may not want to be seen. These are fantastic.

Face A Face Punk Sunglasses

As an authorized dealer of Face A Face sunglasses, you gotta love the attitude of these sunglasses. The cat eye slash punk style sunglass frames are fun, sophisticated and flexible to wear to any restaurant! They are a simple delight. These sunglasses are a sleek satin black with round lenses. So much dimension with a ton of class. Since they are Italian made, maybe you need to take a trip to Italy and wear the outdoor sunglasses to a special alfresco restaurant. You’ll be seated ahead of the line!

Yves Saint Laurent Sporty Sunglasses

As an authorized dealer of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, let’s go all sport! These mask sunglasses give that special message that you are all sport. But what kind? Boating…Yachting….Polo…Golf… What’s your game? You’ll keep them guessing in these mask sunglasses inspired by the natural tones of Marrakesh and the desert. Now that’s becoming one with nature.


Are you ready for some alfresco dining? WWD, that’s Women’s Wear Daily, that has this great article on where to dine alfresco that have beautiful scenic views or on the edge of calming waters. Just picture yourself in these beautifully scenic restaurants wearing your new sunglasses. What a way to end the day.
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