Designer Sunglasses on the Streaming Services

Designer Sunglasses on the Streaming Services

Maybe because eyewear is my thing…but designer sunglasses are frequently used on the streaming services. There certainly have been a few that have that certain wow factor. Let’s take a look at a few that really made a statement for designer sunglasses. Let me know if you agree.


If you look at these designer sunglasses on its own, you may not be able to ‘see’ these on your own face. However, David Tennant in the Good Omens just knew how to use them to bring his character to life. These Valentino sunglasses from 2019 will not go quietly. Made for both men and women, these gunmetal frames with green tinted lenses have an amazing attitude with a rounded shape and a tint that let’s you see just enough inside.


These are the new fan favorite sunglasses from L.G.R sunglasses made for the character Corinthian in The Sandman. Boyd Holbrook wore these designer sunglasses like no other. Both designer sunglasses were made with green lenses and the light brown or honey color frames. Again, these designer sunglasses were used to their fullest in bringing out the sophistication and desire of his character.

Initium and Police Collaboration

These are definitely unique designer sunglasses. Robert Downy Jr has worn numerous designer sunglasses in the Marvel movies, but this one was different enough that they had to be featured. These designer sunglasses feature a two-tone style with an opaque bottom with a clear crystal top. Match it with a silver metal bridge, and you got yourself something different indeed.

Tom Ford

The classics never go out of style and that’s true of the Tom Ford’s Snowden designer sunglasses worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie. These are certainly a timeless style featuring black acetate with grayscale lenses. He would look great wearing them to the grocery store or chasing the bad guys in one of his films.  


These are a brand that you can find…well, anywhere, but Tom Cruise and Goose made them a household look with the simple aviator sunglass. These aviator sunglasses have been made popular again by Top Gun and even when the re-release came out, it brought back fond memories of the aviator sunglasses, a classic style.

How Do I Get My Designer Sunglasses?

So now it’s your turn. What designer sunglasses would look best on you? Let’s take a quick look at these. View the different shapes, color and designer brands including ST Dupont, Zilli, and Paul Vosheront to name a few. There’s a style that can reflect your character on who you are today, or who you want others to think you are.

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