Designer Glasses are a Long-Term Investment

Designer Glasses are a Long-Term Investment

Designer glasses like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent are a favorite for many. Many like to display the logo prominently on their face letting the world know they understand the beauty, texture and quality of the designer. Purchasing designer glasses can also mean that you desire long term eyewear that allows you to invest once, and have it for years to come.

What are Designer Glasses?

Designer glasses are eyewear made by the designer brand itself, or a third party manufacturer crafting the designer glasses for a single or multiple brand name. Designer glasses usually contain the fashion designer name, logo or specific coloration that identifies with the brand.

Quality Designer Glasses

One of the reasons why people enjoy designer glasses is the quality that is backed by the fashion name. Since we all can identify with the quality of Tom Ford, Aston Martin or Swarovski, we automatically believe that the eyewear will also be high quality as they put their name on the line for us to purchase the product.

Many of the designer glasses are made from high quality acetate, various woods, leather, gold or silver metal, and platinum to name a few. These designer glasses utilize some of the best materials offered on the market today allowing for long lasting wear.

Texture Eyewear

Texture on designer glasses give it that little extra something. For instance, Zilli is a big user of leather materials used on the sides of the stems of the designer glasses. It offers a unique, bold look and a high quality touch that automatically says ‘quality designer glasses’ with each touch.

Zilli also uses other quality materials such as titanium, a light weight material that makes the eyewear feel light on the face. But…what is a Zilli?


There are some designer glasses with brand names we’re not as familiar with. We all know Gucci has lots of different items associated with its name. But not everyone is like that. For instance, Zilli and Face A Face. These are designers that make eyewear one of their premium products to sell. Their eyewear utilizes only the best materials and differentiate themselves with the style, unique design and special use of their materials.

Face A Face

Face A Face is high quality designer glasses that have a unique design filled with color, vitality and originality. At the end of each stem is in the shape of a high heel shoe! It’s fun, unique and something special just for you. It’s not seen by everyone, unless of course, your hair is tied back and someone is viewing you from the side. You’ll enjoy the comfort and quality with a name that is known to only a few.


Zilli is also a high quality designer, known mostly in men’s fashion and designer glasses. Their signature look is unique to Zilli and offers a masculine look that most enjoy. Their materials are unique and show off a special look that simply states, classic look made with high quality materials.
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