Designer Eyewear are the Fashion for the Face

Designer Eyewear are the Fashion for the Face

We all enjoy putting on a pair of designer eyewear. You know what they all look like; they are all over the Internet. But how often do you get to see something different…something unique that really expresses who you are? How about a pair of Zilli sunglasses or Face A Face eyewear?

Fashion Forward Designer Eyewear

Zilli or Face A Face have unique designs made from high quality materials. The name doesn’t speak quality, quality materials say it all. And you can tell. When you notice someone’s eyewear or sunglasses, the first thing you notice is how they look on the person. Then you look at the quality of the frames. When you put both of those together, a question loom. Who designed those glasses?

Face A Face Sunglasses and Eyewear

Let’s talk about designer eyewear Face A Face. If you want color, Face A Face is a burst of color, and full of design. It’s when you find comfort with who you are and you want to express it, then Face A Face is where you go. The details in the designer eyewear is stunning. It gives a little bit of something for others to see and awe about and a little something for you that nobody really sees.

Okay, you want to know what’s in it for you right away. So let’s talk about it. When you take a look at the end of the designer eyewear stem, you’ll see a pair of shoes. They are fantastic! It expresses who you are and gives you that secret confidence that no one will know where its coming from.

Now the part they can see… color, shape and design all crafted with high quality designer eyewear materials. The beauty and boldness is in every inch of the designer eyewear we call Face A Face. When you move from the pop of color from your eyes, the stems start telling another story. You want color, shape, comfort and uniqueness, that’s Face A Face. And like we said, each pair ends with a pair of high kickin’ shoes!

Zilli Sunglasses and Eyewear

You are a quality person, but you like more sophistication…sportiness…a statement maker. Then let’s move on to designer eyewear Zilli. The Zilli sunglass makes every man sexy. Long hair, gray hair, the bleach blonde, messy hair from boating…Zilli will be so you.

You will see the quality from a mile away. The rich colors of gold and silver matched with the dark colors and straight sleek design of the stems is always a dead giveaway on a pair of Zilli sunglasses and Zilli eyewear. Even the rimless glasses, you would think you can’t see, allows your eyes to take on it’s natural qualities regardless of eye color. You’ll be noticed.

But now you’ll know why Zilli is outstanding. It’s handcrafted in France. They take their time crafting the perfect design so every individual looks their best regardless of time of day or night.

Buying a pair of Zilli and Face A Face designer Eyeswear

Okay, enough talking. Now it’s time to get these fashion forward, sexy eyewear on you! First, take a look at the wide selection of eyewear on It’s crazy good with a style like no other. Our selection is vast and wide and you won’t find another site that shows you exactly what your designer eyewear will look like. Get a pair today as it’s time to upgrade your look. Your eyes deserve designer eyewear from Zilli and Face A Face.
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