Cat Eye Sunglasses Continue to Evolve in Style & Beauty

Cat Eye Sunglasses Continue to Evolve in Style & Beauty

Cat eye sunglasses were all the rage in the 1950s, with clever designs and colors that accented the woman’s eyes and hair styles. Some designs never go out of style, and the cat eye sunglasses are one.

What are Cat Eye Sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses are of various colors, but the shape is undeniable. The cat eye shape is meant to draw the eye away from full, rounded cheeks. The angle of the eyewear draws your eyes away from the cheeks to the eyes and upward on the face.1950 vintage cat eye sunglasses

New Cat Eye Sunglass Collections

Today, shape continues to be important as the cat eye sunglasses continues to evolve in style and beauty. The latest cat eye sunglasses were featured in WWD showing off Valentino’s new eyewear collection.

However, that’s not all that’s available. has the latest and most beautiful collection of Face-A-Face eyewear featuring the cat eye sunglasses. Here are ones that show a unique color and a blended color on the lens.

Face-A-Face Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses don’t always have to come to a point as seen in the 1950’s.face a face cat eye sunglasses Today’s cat eye sunglasses can have a more subtle direction with rounded corners. As you’ll see in these majorelle blue Face A Face Bocca sixties sunglasses, they are within the cat eye family, but with a more modernistic twist. As the 1950s sunglasses were durable and fast many lifetimes, the Face A Face eyewear are made from high quality acetate materials for long lasting wear.

DITA Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you never heard of DITA, this is a luxury eyewear brand developed by two pro-snowboard filmmakers and photographers based in the US. They knew what they wanted out of their eyewear, and DITA was born. As they evolved in the fashion industry, they found their audience with these original color and cat eye sunglass design that certainly grabs the attention. These beautiful mix of gold and yellow in color with an outline of gold makes these sunglasses unique in style and design.

Not for Everyone

The cat eye sunglass is not for everyone. If the sharp upward edges are too much, and the softening of the edges as in the Face A Face and Dita still are unflattering, then the cat eye may still not be for year. Check out something that is a bit software on the edges to bring out your best features like these Bocca Sexy 3’s. The shape may be more complimentary and enhance what beautiful eyes you have now.


Enjoy the rest of the summer with a beautiful new pair of cat eye sunglasses. Visit us today at for more styles, colors and designs.

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