Colored Sunglasses are Bold

Colored Sunglasses are Bold

Colored Sunglasses were featured in WWD or Women’s Wear Daily’s video on August 4th, showing how to pair vibrant colored sunglasses with bold makeup. Well, okay, maybe the video went a bit extreme with the bold makeup, but the colored sunglasses, well those were pretty darn good.

What are Colored Sunglasses?

Colored sunglasses are when bold colors are used in the rims, stem and bridge of the sunglasses, used on the actual lenses in a solid or gradient fashion or both. Colored sunglasses are offered in a wide variety of colors expressing who you want to be today.

What Colors Represent

Colors can represent a mood or even spirituality. For instance:

Yellow: Happiness, hope. Spiritually yellow symbolizes intellect, creativity and your unique power to persuade.

Green: New beginnings, abundance and of course nature. However, spiritually green symbolizes money, luck and prosperity.

Blue: Calm, responsible, whereas spiritually blue represents spirituality, intuition, inspiration and calming for inner peace.

Purple: Creativity royalty and wealth while spiritually purple means power, earthly and spiritual healing.

Black: Mystery, elegance and spiritually, black means the unconscious. It can promote deep meditation.

If you wear a lot of eyewear like I do, I favor certain colors. Have you determined what colors are best on you? Not for a spot of color, but for a bold new look.

Face A Face

If you want bold colored sunglasses with a new twist, then take a look at Face A Face. The featured colored sunglasses are a star studded event. These are certainly hard to find, high quality sunglasses with a blend of fuschia and orange. Be sure to look at these on our website called Bocca Lova 1, handmade of quality acetate for long lasting wear. Click on the different pictures so you can gain an appreciation for the quality of the stems in orange with carefully crafted details on the ends of the stems. You have to see it to believe it.

These come in a variety of colors. Maybe you need the black and emerald for a more calmer look. Your call, it’s your mood or spiritual mood. Take your pick!

John Galliano

Now, if the Face A Face was a big too bold, try these colored sunglasses by John Galliano. These made in Italy sunglasses are beautifully crafted for a more earthly, grounded feeling. Pulling colors from nature itself, the use of color will accent your own natural color and show your confidence in a bit of an understated way.

It’s Time to Find Your Look

What does your face want to say today without needing an expression or even a smile. Check out our sunglasses section for high quality colored sunglasses that can fit any mood or spirituality. If it’s color you want, great! If it’s understated, sure. If it’s athletic or you simply like a great ride, we got those too. Check us out online at with our sunglasses collection. Let your sunglasses do all the talking.

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