Rimless Glasses are Classic Fashion Eyewear

Rimless Glasses are Classic Fashion Eyewear

Rimless glasses have been around for a very long time. In 1820, by inventor Johann Friedrich Voigtlander, the first rimless glasses were actually a rimless monocle. The rimless glasses that we know today came out some years later, 1880, to eliminate some of the weight of the eyeglass frame and the lens itself. With all of the wonderful technology today, rimless glasses can be incredibly light that you don’t even know you’re wearing fashion eyewear!

From Relic to Fashion Forward

Rimless glasses have stood the test of time. How could the style be around for so long? Quite simple. Regardless of what you wear or who you want to be today, rimless glasses can easily go along for the ride. Need to inspire those around you? Or going out to a contemporary art show? How about a night at  home with friends? Rimless glasses carry a special look that goes with every occasion.

Who Wears Rimless Glasses?

Don’t believe me? Here are a few stars in Hollywood that love to wear rimless glasses. We all know Patrick Dempsey. He’s been a long time wearer or rimless glasses. Let’s not forget Diane Keaton. She has always been known to wear a small oval shape lens. But did anyone ever notice they were rimless glasses? Probably not, as the shape enhanced the appearance of her facial features, creating a one-of-a-kind ‘look’ that has become Ms. Keaton.

But if looking creative and intelligent is your thing, how about those rimless glasses on Steve Jobs. They just blended into his face. I bet you didn’t even notice that he had glasses on! And finally, Zayn Malik. You might remember him from the XFactor. His strong facial features don’t need hiding. Instead, the rimless glasses know how to accent each of his strong features.

Why Should You Go Rimless?

Rimless glasses are not only lightweight in design, but look amazing on both men and women. Rimless Glasses:

  • Never distract from your face. You want people to see you…not hide behind the frame.
  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You want to go big and round, or rectangle and small, the shape, style and color are ready to do their job!
  • Makes everyone look fantastic!

So… What Do You Want to Say About Yourself?

Rimless glasses such as Paul Vosheront, Lindstrom and Zilli are timeless styles. Paul Vosheront is a very affordable rimless creator that knows how to use gold and silver with a mix of acetate. Lindstrom has a more bold look adding a touch of color, such as black to the top of the rimless glasses simply for accent. Let’s not forget Zilli. Their twists and turns with style will make anyone do a double take, as the sleek and sophisticated designs are bold…even if the design is only on the eyewear stems. The mix of acetate with the metals are unique to the designer and makes a statement every time.

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