Acetate Glasses are the High Quality Words for Plastic

Acetate Glasses are the High Quality Words for Plastic

Acetate glasses are in the description of so many glasses out in the eyewear market today. We were wondering, do you know what acetate glasses are? Are you assuming it’s something good or is the word acetate common enough for you to know the material. Confused yet. Well, we thought we’d take you through the words acetate glasses and shed more information on the topic so you know what exactly it is you are purchasing.

What are Acetate Glasses?

Acetate glasses are made from a type of nylon based plastic. Yes, it is a plastic, but not all plastic is created equal. If you’ve ever noticed, but some plastic eyeglasses dry out over time. How can you tell? The glasses become brittle and can easily crack at their weak areas when you take them on and off your face. Weak areas can include where the stem and lens frame meet, and a screw holds the two together. If the plastic is dry and brittle, this is a perfect weak area for the glasses to break.

High Quality Plastic

Many higher quality eyewear manufacturers today use acetate for the production of their eyewear. Acetate glasses are exceptionally strong, hypoallergenic, flexible and lightweight. These are three strong qualities to have in acetate glasses.

  • Strong, because we all put our eyewear down on the table. How often have you put something heavy on top. We’ve all done it.
  • Hypoallergenic, as a material sitting on our face and skin for hours each day…every day can produce chaffing, rashes or itchy eyes. We need something that’s going to be a part of our face, not against it.
  • Flexible, as acetate glasses are twisted off our face with one hand, we need them to move as we do. Flexibility is crucial to well made eyewear.
  • Lightweight,

Which Brands are Acetate Glasses?

For the purposes of our article today, we’re going to focus on the eyewear brands that covers. As you know, we carry only high quality eyewear here at Here is a sampling of fashion eyewear that are crafted from acetate plastic. Top eyewear designers that are acetate glasses include OGA, Face A Face, Zilli, Gucci, and Choppard to name a few.

Now as you can tell by the brand names, these are some very different style eyewear. How can everyone be called acetate glasses?

Advantages of Acetate

Acetate is a desirable plastic as it is renewable, and fully recyclable, making it a choice for today’s environment. Acetate glasses have a natural feel to it making it easy and comfortable to wear. Beside these great qualities, it makes it easy for the manufacturer to style, add creative designs and color. That’s why if you notice, you can have styles that are fun and exciting like the Face A Face, or more conservative style such as the OGA’s. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that your new glasses will be the perfect fit for you. Be sure to explore some of the high quality acetate glasses at today.
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